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We are Texans and We are Anglers.  After years of testing, our team has designed and patented a high performance, durable, shallow water propeller that SIGNIFICANTLY increases holeshot,  shallow water performance and ability to run high on your jack plate.  You will be able to cruise at lower on-plane speeds, jump up quickly with significant stern lift along with increased handling - including in reverse.  All of this in a bolt on, standard hub-kit system with little or no significant weight increase compared to standard high performance propellers.  


We are grateful for our customer friends, many of whom helped us along over the years and look forward to earning your business ……….HPP team.

HPP is fortunate to work in tandem with the incredible team at PowerTech ( on design, performance and manufacturing. 

At HPP our wish is that our customers increase their enjoyment of time on the water and the performance gains with their boat/motor. Our intent is that our propeller allows you to get up and out of shallow areas quickly and higher on your plate than previously possible for less disturbance.


Founder - Chuck "Railbird" McKinny is a native Texan (Taft), retired professor and Dean at Del Mar college in Corpus Christi. In 2010 he became "obsessed" with creating a more efficient shallow water propeller. Chuck is now full time with propeller design and tournament fishing (PRL, Power Pole Redfish Series).

In 2019 he patented our design and has since been working to perfect all the variables of the system. With help from many of you reading this….....we are happy to provide the results of those efforts…........Holeshot Performance Propeller…....HPP!

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